VBS Ministry



Since last year we have been incorporating the experiences we gained in the summertime at the local churches where we have been sending our children to, not only learn English but more importantly to experience Christ in an American setting.
It can honestly be said that the U.S. has a freedom that many nationalities and foreign peoples desire. It is great to see how God has used others joy in the Lord and faithful prayers to reach kids, including ours. Thank you for all your hard work and kindness to the kids.
Blessed be the Children, let them come to Jesus and none stand in their way. For their’s is the kingdom of God.
Although there are those churches who have been able to have good programs for the kids, for the most part it is safe to say that if it were not for returning back to Minnesota for the summer they would have only a Japanese based experience.  Even my wife has enjoyed seeing a new look and feel to VBS.
Now they not only have this experience of joy and acceptance but a whole repertoire of wonderful memories to empower their future ministering in Christ as young leaders.
And Rutsuko and myself have been implementing the creativity of the summer VBS experiences into our own ministering and have started to use the English content of the VBS videos and music into our own VBS program.
Our first experience with this tyope of program in Japan showed us the potential of the VBS program and are now beginning to incorporate the experiences and American VBS ideas into our own Japanese VBS production of fun and cultural relevant teaching of God and His love.
Thank you for all your prayers and hard work.
Please continue to pray for our work here in Japan amongst the kids and Adults who attend with the youngsters.


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